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UMKB - Pharm  
Medical Knowledge Base

UMKB - Pharm

United Medical Knowledge Base (UMKB) is the semantic kernel of "Electronic Clinical Pharmacologist" (ECP). It accumulates knowledge from all  areas of medicine — from clinical  experience up to molecular biology.

UMKB - Pharm is the UMKB section, which contains pharmacological knowledge. This is a semantic network that comprises over a million concepts and about 6 million connections between them including:

▪drug interactions at the level of active substances, pharmacological classes and chemical groups taking into account dosage forms and methods of administration;

▪ limitations for use considering age, gender and methods of administration;

▪ active substance and metabolic enzymes (cytochromes) interactions;

▪ genus-species relations between objects with multilayer classifiers formation - up to receptors and final targets;

▪ cross-system connections with other UMKB sections, in particular with pathological signs and factors underlying personal organism charasteristics, etc.

Such enormous amount of information has been accumulated due to the combination of crowdsourcing technology integrated into the work of expert community (clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists, healthcare professionals) with technology of medical text machine analysis with fact extraction.


The knowledge base of the clinical decision support system ECP is regularly replenished and updated with information about new drugs released and data from field-oriented scientific publications.

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